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The former Uniat church under the invocation of the Birth of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary (a Roman Catoholic church since 1947) which was erected in 1586. It initially consisted in a single- cupola fame and presumably also an inconsiderably- sized belfry above the „babiniec” (the church vestibule where women beggars used to sit and beg). In 1816 a new sanctuary was erected, followed by a new „babiniec” in 1835. The temple was significantly restructured before 1903 (the nave was extended to include the two wings alongside). A general renovation of the entire structure was carried through in the years 1992- 2001 (including reconstruction of the nave walls). Inside the early iconostas wall with polychromy deserves careful attention. The present belfry dating back to 1860 was moved from Majdan Królewski 1994.